DJ Barry Blends

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Simply Blends @ Simplicity!

Date & Time: 
Fri, 03/29/2013 - 19:19
310 Malcolm X Blvd.
THIS IS A FREE EVENT! NO COVER CHARGE AT ALL! It's a BRAND NEW ESTABLISHMENT in the heart of Bed- Stuy Brooklyn called Simplicity Wine Bar & Cafe & they know exactly what they're doing already cause they wasted no time at all by snatching up Bed-Stuy's own Dj Barry Blends and is bringing him in this Friday 3/29/13 from 9pm-2am to BLEND Sexy Sounds @ Simplicity while you sip on the finest wines socializing with the finest people.. Just call us Brooklyn's Finest (no Biggie, no Jay)... Aaayyeee but, I NEED YOU TO COME OUT & SUPPORT THIS NEW VENUE so tell all your peoples, round em up & lets have some fun this Friday night over wine, television & excellent music from the hardest working Dj in show business, Dj Barry Blends. Thank you!​​



a pair of beautiful eyes, gazing quietly not far from the river in a small play slapstick adults and children. The river is broad-minded, she silently from the heart of people receiving a joy burst from the depths of the soul, become this season, coolest gifts of nature.Between fields, into a film into a piece of corn, green, as if the rows of guards, waiting for their homes. Between villages, mountain forest, often hear the millennium change cuckoo singing, singing a simple, hard-working songs. I always feel that the cuckoo is called "peas, corn," but seems to listen to the feeling is another story. After leaving home, you never hear it sing, and naturally it did not know exactly what to sing, but I know that sound sing, already branded in my soul, in a midnight dream back, took me into the little village, into the patch of garden, while listening to a cuckoo from the sounds of nature.Autumn has come. Autumn, joy, harvest, farmers filled with smiling faces, is that one of the perspiration.This multi-season farming, playing millet, the corn, sweet potato digging, incoming farming, bending the backbone of farmers, peasants joy sleeping dreams. For children, this season is wanton slapstick mountain-fields is fruitful branches. A variety of fruits, all show off the most mature grace. A persimmon, high up in the branches, as if one lantern, truly beautiful. Orange has begun to yellow, to the kids liked the sweet and sour taste, this pick in the trees, a few Baba looked under the tree, waiting for the tree to the children dropped then rush rushing, clamor. Under jujube, often took the children one by one bamboo staves, craned their necks, Fengyun knock, knock sinking. Shouting, here, here, over there, over there as well ...... childish, woven into a joy, in the autumn fields, weaving harvest songs.I like the winter. The memory of that snow in the world, how many times uppermost. Winter home, no Chairman Mao described by the "ice, A thousand Piao." Snow's hometown, is quiet. It is light and falls hills, lightly swept over the river, beating farmers silent window, a white world quietly bring.Winter is silence, the sound will be heard barking occasionally between, villages. Sound down, the branches of the snow like being scared in general, "Chi Chi flutter" down, crushing splashes of flowers open in the winter, opened in the children's dreams.Creek drunk, will clear a pillow dream deep, hidden spring coming years; drunk mountain, snow,

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