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Celebrate 4th Of July With Dj Barry Blends @ DocD's Southern Desserts

Date & Time: 
Sat, 07/04/2015 - 21:29
Here it is people: THE OFFICIAL 4TH oF jULY BBQ will be over at DOCD Southern Desserts located at 214 Bainbridge St. in the heart of Bed-Stuy Brooklyn. On the 1&2's will be no other than Bed-Stuy's own Dj Barry Blends WCR spinning nuthin but the hottness beginning at 5:30 with a live Worldcast Radio broadcast starting at 7pm. Come on down, get a plate of food, an official DocD red velvet, german chocolate, pineapple lemon or whatever cake you like & listen to the ENERGETIC sounds of BLENDS! We LitT... 2015 FlOw iS n fUll sWiNg... Whoa!



The captain said: "Well, I mean, I saw what time is definitely the kind of thing that you say is the Yangtze River flood in 1998, when I sailed airdrop emergency supplies to the disaster area, 700 meters in height, careless. He flew into a thunderstorm cloud, which is an absolute no-fly zone, but the moment I can not turn out, when the cloud turbulence the aircraft like a leaf in the wind ups and downs, my head hit the hatch at the word ; most of the meter pointer random jitter, the radio could not hear anything outside in the dark, a sudden flash of lightning lit, and then I saw it, there are basketball-sized, orange light, and it appeared. Radio interference in the sound suddenly increases .."Pay attention to the following words!" Lin Yun reminded me.That ball of light around the body floating, floating Debu fast, around the tail from the head first and then rise vertically through the rotor, the rotor down again through the machine belly, so floatingThere are half a minute, suddenly disappeared. ""Wait, playback at this!" I shouted. As Lin Yun said, this witness does have recorded unusual place.ideo playback, and this is done after the next picture of the cloud forest and asked a question I want to ask: "? You were flying or hovering of""I will hover in a thunderstorm? Of course the flying speed of at least 400, I'm looking for export cloud.""You must remember correctly, you were hovering should be significant, or not right!"I know your thoughts, scary, scary impact on this, that things simply from the airflow! Even if I am wrong or there was an illusion, but has been turning the rotor however, that the air flow is great, to say the sky is no wind it? Can the fireball then slowly turn around the body, count relative velocity, it is fast, but it's definitely not airstream! "

"This is really important information!" I said, "In the past many records also saw some signs in this regard, such as a witness recorded that ball lightning when flying indoors from a door or window, the wind is coming from the outside scraping; also Some describe ball lightning sightings records directly upwind flight, but not as good as the witness so authentic. If the motion of ball lightning really not airstream, that it is untenable to say the plasma, and this It is the basis for most of the ball lightning theory. I can meet the pilot? "Lin Yun gently shook his head: "No, well, we get down to business right first of all I want you to look at what we have done this year..." Then she picked up the telephone, as in what contact Visit sort of thing. It seems complete high waves task is easy, I looked at it from the desk to the cloud forest.I first saw a group photo, the photo of the cloud forest and a few Marines, they were wearing blue and white camouflage corps, cloud forest is one of the only female, looks an early age, a childlike face, like a puppy holding assault rifles across their chests like to. While several landing craft and nearby residual smoke after the explosion on the sea behind them.I take this to be another photograph attracted, this is a young Navy captain, very handsome, but also very temperament, background is often in the media, the term island tall tower of the USS Mount Everest. I immediately had a strong desire to ask Lin Yun who this is, but still restrained.Then the cloud forest was over the phone, said to me:. "Come on, I'll take a look at the results of our achievements of the past two years is not"We took the elevator downstairs to go out, on the way Lin Yun said:. "For two years we spent a lot of effort to engage the lightning weapon, engage in two sub-projects, but without success, and now the project has not withdrawn this weapon system is New Concept gone furthest into one of the largest, can result badly. "After entering the hall, I noticed that many people have to smile and cloud forest of greeting, I have a consciousness: her identity seems to go beyond the one major.

After the out, bring me a cloud forest a car, and she sat side by side in the front seat when I smelled the grass after the rain that touch of bitter incense, make me feel good, but then that smell is more ethereal, clear blue skies as the last of clouds, like the Valley fleeting deep tones. In order to capture it, I could not help my nose twitched twice.

"Like this perfume you?" Lin Yun smiled and looked at me and said.

"Ah ...... oh, let the troops not to use perfume?" I asked innocently.

"Sometimes you can."

Comment: Red West fall, at sunset, the whole piece Ishimura have been infected with a layer of pale gold luster, distant Yuanti Tigers, and here was like a large stone-like sacred ancient temple, Cheung Ning. Dozens of people appeared on the horizon, the setting sun on the ground pulled out a long shadow track, and the outline of the body were bordered lines in Phnom Penh sunset, seemed very tall and vigorous, almost everyone a huge beast dragged a head , rewarding experience. "Come back!" Has long stood in the village for a long time to wait for a group of women and children cheered, anxiety and 惶惧 heart suddenly disappeared, loud shout up. "Abba them safely back!" "My God, yet there are so many of prey, is really a rare harvest!" The hunt was very successful, has received dozens of grown men, have a huge game in shape like Long Point, there is only enough Zhuangruo Kui cattle beast, and bucket thickness and students have wings to fly python ...... Village scared old people exposed color, weekdays between these organisms difficult to deal with, some called Xiongshou, and today was hunted so much, bloodied, really unexpected. For example, like the dragon horn, like body firm if iron, Tiemao are difficult to pierce, a Ssangyong angle is sharp as drills, can easily smash boulders. And that beast Kui its sound of thunder, if in near, you can Zhensi people alive. As for raw rib giant flying wing killer python is the mountains, it can suddenly culled down from a hill, very terrible.


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